The Restoration Project’s “Hold On To Love”

The Restoration Project is back!  After a couple of years without any albums, Tracy Wispelwey has released Hold On To Love.  It was an understandable break with a whole lot of travel and partnership not to mention getting knee-deep into Harvard Divinity School!  I was fortunate to spend a handful of years touring with Wispelwey as her band (my email address used to be!).  Since then she’s married fellow activist, thinker, musician, Seth Wispelwey, hence the lovely poetic new surname.  If there was one thing I’m thankful for during that time (there are many!), it’s that she taught me about God’s heart for the oppressed…a theme that cycles throughout her new album.

Hold On To Love is a vast work!  Wispelwey spent a year studying electronic music composition at Harvard and it shows.  She paints luscious soundscapes with sounds that span from South America to Africa to the Middle East.  One of my favorite tracks is “To See You.”  It captures a prayer of mine that has recently been cycling into the forefront of my thoughts, that the Bride of Christ would open her eyes to His kids…another one of the standouts is the immediately sing-able song, “Amahoro,” featuring African singers – it’s a moment where you can tell Wispelwey’s grasp of the Body and World is wide and deep – a lovely listen, check it and all of her adventures out at Www.RestorationVillage.Com!


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